Rum Keg

Our signature Mai Tai. Try the original, or one of our 3 flavors!

Honi Honi

Pineapple, light an dark rums with apricot and passion fruit flavors. (Serves four people)

Lanyu Punch Bowl

A combination of light and gold rums, guava and apricot, topped with sparkling wine (Serves 2 people)

Kava Bowl

Light and aromatic rums, fruit juices, grenadine and almond syrups. (Serves four people)

Scorpion Bowl

A festive concoction of rums, fruit juices and brandy with a whisper of almond, and served with long straws. (Serves four people)

Home of the Original Mai Tai®
Mai Tai Wave
Surf this wave with us… Try three of our favored Mai Tai’s in one ride, Guava, Maui, Mango

For those merry souls who seek and enjoy a really refreshing drink:

The Sours
Coconut Drinks
Tropical Drinks
The Strong

Pirates, Buccaneers and Beachcombers never bandy their drinking. For them we offer:

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Many delicious drinks around the world are made without liqueurs and with delicate flavours. We offer the following:

Soft Banana Cow
A refreshing blend of milk and banana